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Niko Hyppönen starts as field manager at MTK Central Ostrobothnia

Niko Hyppönen started as field manager at MTK Central Ostrobothnia on 1 December 2021. Niko grew up on a dairy farm in Kälviä, and lives with his family in Veteli. Niko studied agriculture and graduated from high school in Kannus, studied agrology at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences and is now completing a Master’s degree in agricultural economy at the University of Helsinki.

Agriculture and forestry are currently suffering from an acute cashflow crisis. If dairy farmers buy fertiliser at current prices, then compared to previous annual averages they won’t have any entrepreneurial income at all next year. Despite the considerable challenges, Niko also believes there are possibilities:

“The sector offers solutions to the pressing climate and environmental issues as well as providing us with safe, high-quality and nutritious food. Running activities for rural youth is important for me and makes me particularly hopeful. There is an entrepreneurial spirit and a high level of skills in the sector.

MTK Central Ostrobothnia represents the interests of farmers, forest owners and rural entrepreneurs in our region. We promote the financial, social and social rights of our members and sustainable and economic use and upkeep of rural assets. Our activities are guided by the vision "We ensure that the future grows on the land".

“Interest representation work never ends, and even if the number of our members is going down, the need for interest representation just increases. I am really happy to get a young, enthusiastic talent like Niko working with us, says Jan-Ove Nyman, Executive Director at MTK Central Ostrobothnia.

Further information:

Jan-Ove Nyman, Executive Director
045 129 4427

Niko Hyppönen, Field Manager

050 433 6432

Niko Hyppönen
Niko Hyppönen