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The tenth Kokkola Material Week is more international than ever

Welcome to Kokkola Material Week to see, hear, network and be inspired about the hottest topics, research and development prospects within chemical industry, bioeconomy and battery technology! The registration to this international event, celebrating already its’ 10-year anniversary, is open.

Take a look at the program and the over 50 speakers on our website www.materialweek.fi

More information:

Nora Birkman Neunstedt
Business Relations Developer
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Programme highlights:

Monday 14 November Pre-KMW What is happening now in the energy field and what will its future be like? This question will be answered by the Kokkola Material Week’s pre-event, which will be organised by Biovalley Finland on Monday. Participants will hear about the latest interesting energy solutions in Finland and across the globe. Biovalley Finland is an internationally impressive and appealing cluster of competence in sustainable development, which promotes bioeconomy and mineral economy through digitalisation and circular economy. The Biovalley Finland network includes 23 contractual partners, and it is coordinated by Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius.

Tuesday 15 November Opening Seminar Kokkola Material Week will start in earnest on Tuesday with the opening seminar kicked off by Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä at the Tullipakkahuone event venue in Kokkola. The moderator of the opening event, the charismatic Baba Lybeck, will introduce the audience to corporate talks mostly about battery materials as well as Belinda Gerdt’s keynote speech about the challenges and possibilities of digitalisation. The opening ceremony will also provide the opportunity for networking while enjoying good music and delicious catering. The arrangements for the opening events will be handled by the City of Kokkola and KOSEK.

On Wednesday 16 November, the event will move to Kokkola Town Hall, where the morning hours will focus on the regionally important responsible battery value chain and the related systems of mineral and circular economy within the framework of the GeoKokkola theme. This year, the hot topics include the refinement of battery minerals, production of battery chemicals and the solutions of the circular economy. As before, the preparations for GeoKokkola will be handled by GTK, KPEDU and Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius/University of Oulu. This year’s partners are the Nordic trade and investment companies Innovation Norway, Business Sweden and Business Finland as well as European Battery Alliance. This ensures that the event in Kokkola will have speakers from Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The afternoon hours on Wednesday 16 November will focus on the ReKokkola theme, which will cover a wide range of themes related to a responsible and sustainable future. The perspectives will be a carbon-neutral circular economy, city-led climate measures and corporate responsibility. For example, the talks will touch upon how these themes manifest themselves in Kokkola and in the Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) area. A panel discussion will also be held on social and environmental responsibility. The preparations for this portion will primarily be handled by Kokkola Industrial Park, Centria and Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius.

Early in the evening, companies will have the opportunity to create new contacts and network at the Industry Meeting Point event that will also include interesting business presentations. The opportunity for networking will be provided by KOSEK.

Thursday 17 November will begin with the BioKokkola portion, which will, once again, highlight the hot topics, opportunities and business examples related to bioeconomy. The talks will especially focus on sustainable food production, bedding materials, substrates and natural fibres as part of the preparatory industry as well as topics related to recycled fertilisers. The arrangements of BioKokkola will be handled by Centria and Luke.

The afternoon hours of Thursday 17 November will cover topics related to financing growth and export, as presented by the TeamFinland network, i.e. the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment for Ostrobothnia, TE Office, Viexpo, Business Finland Finnvera. Participants of the TeamFinland portion will have the opportunity to discuss the growth and internationalisation plans of their companies with experts and other businesses.