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New circular economy expertise for the chemical industry ecosystem – the circular economy cannot be built without experts

Kokkola Industrial Park’s (KIP) future vision is to be a responsible and progressive worldwide leader in its sector. With a training pilot project funded by Sitra, KIP is delivering on its vision of becoming a true pioneer in the circular economy in cooperation with all the actors in the KIP ecosystem. Although the industrial circular economy has decades-long traditions in Kokkola Industrial Park, the training pilot is very timely since talk of a carbon-neutral circular economy is moving to the practical and individual level. The training will ensure availability of circular economy experts in the region now and in the future. The training will also enhance Finland’s national objectives of moving to a circular economy and carbon neutrality and at the same time improve KIP’s competitiveness.

The joint training pilot project ”KIP’s new circular economy age – from words to deeds!”, organised by the Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnis (Kpedu) and KIP Service, was selected for funding for the chemical industry in Sitra’s funding round. Sitra was looking for impactful and visionary training projects to identify the skills needs of the circular economy and provide new solutions and experiments for these that are capable of becoming permanent activity. The aim is that the Sitra-funded training pilot will complement workforce skills in KIP and develop a basic process industry qualification with a local component. Updating skills also is also relevant for teaching staff in Central Ostrobothnia.

Actions and understanding are needed to back up words!

More information: Johanna.hylkila(at)kip.fi