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MTK Central Ostrobothnia challenges municipalities in the region to use Finnish food

Inspired by a challenge thrown down by MTK’s Board, MTK Central Ostrobothnia is rolling out the national challenge at the provincial level. By any standard, Finnish food production is in the top league globally. The challenge is to think of the structure of the local economy as a functioning entity. This has implications both for the national economy, sustainable use of natural resources, food security and security of supply.

The challenge is topical since agriculture has run into very serious financial difficulties. Production input prices have rocketed and individual holdings may no longer be able to afford sufficient quantities of fertilisers. One solution to the crisis in agriculture is to concentrate public procurement on domestic production. This way the Finnish food chain can jointly help to lift up Finnish agriculture – private consumers and public services together.

“We will reward the municipality in our operating region that proportionately uses the most Finnish-produced food”, promises Atso Ala-Kopsala, Chairman of MTK Central Ostrobothnia.

There is a willingness to consume Finnish products. According to a study performed by Kantar TNS Agri for the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), 84 per cent of Finns agree completely or to a large extent that farmers should get a larger share of food prices than at present. And 74 per cent agree completely or to a large extent that Finnish food is produced more responsibly than imported food.

“By favouring branded products from the Finnish food industry with the Swan label, consumers can help producers through their everyday choices”, says Ala-Kopsala.

Further information:

Atso Ala-Kopsala, Chairman
050 349 3278

Atso Ala-Kopsala
Atso Ala-Kopsala