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MinePro meets the future workforce needs of the battery cluster and mining industry

MinePro, a joint project between Kpedu and Centria, responds to increased future workforce needs in the battery cluster and mining industry by raising skills in the sector and developing the provision of education and training. It is an ESF project lasting until August 2023 to develop and expand educational content in process and chemical engineering at the secondary and vocational college level jointly with companies. The project will diversify the educational offering and adopt new pedagogical solutions to increase the skills levels of students and company employees.

The aim is to anticipate the future needs of companies in the sector and respond to these flexibly by educational means. The skills of Kpedu’s and Centria’s process and chemical engineering instructors in the project will be enhanced through joint internal training at Kpedu and Centria as well as cross-dissemination of knowledge. One of the objectives of the project is to further enhance cooperation between companies and development and training organisations to bolster the profile of the battery cluster and mining industry and skills availability.

As part of the MinePro project, a cooperation agreement was concluded with Keliber in February. The agreement is the project’s first concrete step towards closer business cooperation, thereby strongly underling companies’ willingness to be involved in developing the educational offering and opportunities in the region. As the project progresses, companies’ needs will be comprehensively assessed from multiple perspectives, taking into account the entire battery value chain.

More information: kpedu.fi/minepro