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The circular economy becomes more efficient: acids from bio-waste for metal recovery - fertilizer as a by-product

The development project of the University of Jyväskylä and the Natural Resources Institute Finland opens up new business opportunities in Central Finland. A method is being developed to produce acids from biowaste for metal recovery. The process also generates biogas as a transport fuel, and a digestate that can be used as a fertilizer or soil improver. The project will also increase the self-sufficiency of Finnish industry from raw materials.

The project began in early April, and to date, acids have already been made from biowaste using an anaerobic process. Purification and concentration of acids for use in metal recovery is underway. In addition, laboratory experiments have found that acids from biowaste are very effective in recovering metals from waste magnets.

Read more at: www.jyu.fi/en/current/archive/2021/04/more-efficient-circular-economy-acids-from-biowaste-for-metal-recovery-2013-fertilizers-as-a-by-product-of-the-process