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Kokkola Material Week 2020: Towards a sustainable future

The international event Kokkola Material Week offers you an annual chance to get a high-level review of the current reachearch and ongoing development within the fields of chemical industry, biobased economy and battery technology. Kokkola Material Week has become a significant networking event for all of the players and interest groups within the field.

This year the Kokkola Material Week-event will be held between 9 – 12.11.2020 as a virtual event, this year the event will also be conducted in English to a large extent. The theme of the week will be “Towarads a sustainable future”, during which we will be discussing the versatile impact which chemistry has had on the geo- bio- and the circular economies. Furthermore, this year we will also be celebrating the city of Kokkola´s 400 year-anniversary and the 75 years-anniversary of the Kokkola Industrial Park chemical industry cluster, with more than 70 speakers in attendance.

- Now we have the opportunity to reach an even larger and more international audience than ever before, which also means that we will be able to show all of you the know-how which our area has to, and can offer to you says Tiina Aittola, the Biovalley Finland-coordinator, as she is demonstrating all of the advantages which this virtual event entails.

The organizers include: Biovalley Finland -cluster, the polytechnic Centria, Geologian tutkimuskeskus, the Geological Survey of Finland, the interreg Botnia-Atlantican FCS-project, Keski-Pohjanmaan liito, the Council of the Central-Ostrobothnia region, Kokkola Industrial Park, the city of Kokkola, KOSEK, the Kokkola university consortium Chydenius, KOSEK, Kpedu, Luke, the natural resources Institute Finland, Mediakeskus, mediacenter Lime, University of Oulu and the Ostrobothnian Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre)

Further information:

Tiina Aittola, Biolakso-coordinator, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius

Highlights of the Kokkola Material Week

On Monday the 9.11.
we will be celebrating both the 400-year anniversary of the city of Kokkola and the 75 ears anniversary of the Kokkola Industrial Park, during the opening seminar. During this event the new national battery strategy will also be discussed, further more a panel consisting of representatives from the KIP-cluster, the city of Kokkola, and the University will be deliberating the themes of circular economy and batteries as seen from the viewpoint of the city of Kokkola, among the speakers representing the top-level industrial representatives in our country, the following can be mentioned CEO, managing director Mika Aalto, representing the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, Mika Nykänen, Director General of GTK, the Geological Survey of Finland., and Mr. Jyri Arponen representing Sitra.

On Tuesday 10.11
during the Geo-Kokkola theme day, the battery theme will be prominently present, in the discussions. The local- viewpoint will be presented by Mr. Hannu Hautala, who will be delivering the delivering the KeyNote-speech in the morning: Most Advanced Battery Grade Lithium Project in Europe – Case Celiber, a breath of internationalism into the afternoon will be delivered by KeyNote-Speaker Mrs Kristina Edström Battery 2030 + flagship and emerging battery technologies. During the afternoon Batteries from Finland, will be responsible for the program, further moor the Ending seminar of the EVAKOT-project, will also be arranged as a collateral event in the afternoon. During the Industry MeetingPoint- event which will be held during the early evening-hours the different companies will be given a chance to make new connections with each other. This time completely virtual. The Interreg-Bothnia-Atlantica project Future Cleantech Solutions will gather companies from the whole Kvarken-area on to the stage.

On Wednesday 11.11.
during the Re-Kokkola theme day the diverse significance of the Circular economy within the eco systems within the Chemical industry. During the speeches which will be held throughout the whole day, you will be able to hear about different Circular Economy-cases in different companies, these cases will be discussed in depth in the KIP-panel, you will also be given a chance to get to grip with the latest research results, among others the recovery of nutrients from different side currents. The LECo-conference, Local Energy Community: pathways in a sustainable and renewable future and the Webinar of the CINEMA-project will be held as collateral events. The evening will end with the Kasvu ja uudistumen muutoksessa-event arranged by Team Finland. This event is aimed at small and medium sized enterprises; this event will be held in finish.

During the Bio Kokkola
-theme day which will be held on Thursday the 12.11 the theme of the day will be how to get new products from the branch currents of the industry, Teollisuuden sivuvirroista uusia tuotteita, in finish. Mrs Kaisa Hietala, the chairman of the board of the company Tracegrow Oy, will be the KEY NOTE-speaker of the day Mrs Hietala is also a partner in the consulting company Gaia Consulting, the company’s main line of business lies with in the field of sustainable business. The title of Mrs Hietala´s KeyNote-speech is “How to make circularity a business. The second KeyNote-speech of the day will be held by Mr Matti Malkamäki, his speech is titled: “Hydrogen in energy production and transportation” During the day we will be given the latest information about current research results in the field of biobased economy in Finland as well as in Sweden.

A complete list of all of the events can be found at the following address:


Foto: Tarja Jakobsén.
Foto: Tarja Jakobsén.