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Biovalley Finland bringing new people onboard

Tiina Aittola, a long-term employee who has led the Biovalley project on a full-time basis, has moved on to new challenges. In the future, responsibility for the project will be in the hands of a larger group of people who are working on a part-time or fixed-term basis.

From now on, the project will be led by Jouni Kaipainen, a part-time project manager and a university researcher who has previously worked as an economic expert in the project. Project planner Anu Rantamäki is responsible for project communication, just as she did before, and for coordinating the Kokkola Material Week. The newest addition to the group is research coordinator Mikko Myllymäki who is promoting digitalization. Another new member is Katja Ristiluoma who is a strong link to the natural sciences and to the world of applied chemistry.

The new crew will help the research team promote the development of bio economy in Central Ostrobothnia by combining digital technologies and networks with already strong expertise in circular economy in the region. This way, it will be easier to have a grasp of the measures included in the Kokkola Ecosystem Agreement and put all the good work into practice for companies in rural areas when the same people are involved in both projects.

The Biovalley Finland staff is located on the 3rd and 4th floor at the University Center. Check for more detailed contact information here.

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Jouni Kaipainen, foto Anne Liulii
Jouni Kaipainen, foto Anne Liulii