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New circular economy training piloted – over a hundred participants!

The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia (Kpedu) and Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) Service has conducted a joint pilot training project KIP’s new era of circular economy – from words to deeds! The pilot training was carried out in January-February. More than half of the some 100 participants were KIP’s personnel and the other half teachers and students of Kpedu as well as teachers from Centria University of Applied Sciences.

Circular economy training offers participants with concrete circular economy skills and teaches how the principles of a carbon-neutral circular economy can be applied to work. The virtual training includes e.g. training videos, reading material and games.

The aim of the training funded by Sitra is to ensure that there are circular economy experts in the region both now and in the future. We will have an opportunity to hear more about the experiences and results of the training pilot in April in the Greetings from Biovalley blog!