Sectoral research institutes

The Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla, Kannus

  • forest energy
    • wood biomass production
    • procurement logistics
    • properties as raw material for energy and biorefinery products
    • environmental impact of harvesting
  • peatland forests
    • nutrient economy
    • renewal
  • changes in land use
    • afforestation methods of peat bogs and fields
  • development of forest management planning methods
  • timber yield of coastal forests

MTT Agrifood Research Finland, Kannus

  • fur animal welfare
  • the environmental impact of animal shelters
  • fur animal nutrition

The Geological Survey of Finland GTK, Kokkola

  • the dimensioning and modelling of geoenergy production fields
  • lithium cluster project
  • peat bogs resources and their use
  • land use and the construction of communities
  • mapping of ores and minerals