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Biovalley – know-how and growth

Biovalley is a region of strong expertise in the natural resource sector and bioeconomy in the Kalajokilaakso, Lestijokilaakso, and Perhonjokilaakso river valley areas as well as in the sub-region areas of Kokkola and Pietarsaari. The region lives strongly and diversely from the bioeconomy. In addition to agriculture and forestry, there is strong natural resource sector business activity in food industry, wood processing industry, building carpentry industry, bioenergy and in the manufacture of equipment, as well as in chemical industry. The diverse business activities are supported by research- and development organizations and educational organizations, which provide companies with the latest research information and skilled personnel.

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Welcome to Biovalley!

In Biovalley you will find diversified and strong natural resource sector research, training and business activity.