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Thanks to the long-term development and as a continuum based on the region’s strengths, a remarkable concentration of natural resource sector operators has been created in Central Ostrobothnia. The strong and further strengthening primary production in agriculture and forestry, well-functioning logistics as well as versatile processing industry and energy production need research, development and educational services, which the organizations in the region provide. At the same time the organizations serve the natural resource sector throughout the whole of Finland. The Luke Kannus unit, the GTK Kokkola unit and Ketek Oy (Kokkola), as well as the regional research- and educational organizations the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Oulu Southern Institute, the Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia and the Central Ostrobothnia Rural Institute, as well as the Federation of Education in Jokilaaksot and the Optima Federation of Municipalities, provide high-quality, diverse and comprehensive research and educational services in the natural resource sector.